Reviews White Is The New Black Oct 23, 2016

Le Binchotan sits in obscurity between Gemmill Lane and Amoy Street and serves up a host of French-Japanese delights for sharing.

Event Australian Winery Releases Exquisite And Limited Edition Wine Oct 22, 2016

Wine lovers with a taste for fancy decanters and very deep pockets can now pick up a bottle of a rare Australian vintage for S$197,000.

Features One-On-One With Revered Wine Critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. Oct 21, 2016

He shares his tasting notes and where wine lovers should travel to next.

Feature Bar None: Behind The Feast At The #SGTatlerBall2016 Oct 18, 2016

A menu whipped up by twenty-six chefs, a whiskey bar plus society’s favourite Teochew porridge.

Event The 15th Annual World's 50 Best Restaurants List Gets 2017 Date Oct 18, 2016

The 2017 edition of the World's 50 Best Restaurants has a date and a new destination.

Feature Of Food And Fear: Dining Specials This Halloween Oct 17, 2016

Sink your teeth into these food and drink events happening on All Hallow’s Eve.

Feature Detox and Diet Books You Need After The #SGTatlerBall2016 Oct 15, 2016

From healthy breakfasts to a comforting and nutritious dinners, you’ll find something here to feed your mind and body.

Feature Power Foods To Cleanse Your Body With After The #SGTatlerBall2016 Oct 15, 2016

Marc Grossman, Paris’ juicing master, lets us in on some key ingredients to include in your post-ball health fix.

Feature Espresso Yourself! Japan Perks Up To 'Sexy' Coffee Oct 15, 2016

Need a pick-me-up? In a country famous for its tea, the Japanese are increasingly turning to coffee as a quick-fix to help ease the daily grind. Hipster cafés are popping up everywhere, offering exquisitely curated beverages to satisfy even the fussiest of caffeine addicts.

Feature Italy Inaugurates First Ever 24-Hour, Free-Flowing Wine Fountain Oct 14, 2016

A vineyard in Italy has opened a free wine fountain with local red flowing 24/7, in a bid to give tourists a warmer welcome and a literal taste of what the region has to offer.

Feature Pre-Ball Cocktail Recipes For The #SGTatlerBall2016 Oct 12, 2016

Get the party started with these original cocktail recipes from five bartenders. Bottoms up!

Event Paris Mixologist Becomes First Female To Win World's Best Bartender Title Oct 09, 2016

A bartender from Paris has become the first female to claim the lofty title of “World's Best Bartender” at a major competition in Miami.

Event Taste The Flavours Of Provence In Capella Singapore Oct 03, 2016

The hotel’s culinary director, David Senia, has invited award-winning chef, Alain Llorca to give us a taste of his signature French cuisine.

Event Wine Discovery Weekend Is Back! Sep 28, 2016

No, Red Red Wine isn’t just a song by UB40; it’s your theme this October.

Event Famous French Restaurant Offers Free Culinary Workshops Sep 24, 2016

The legendary Parisian restaurant Taillevent will open its doors on Saturday, 24 September, in celebration of the Fête de la Gastronomie, France's annual food festival. Lovers of fine dining will be able to attend workshops on flambé techniques, knife skills and French patisserie. 

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